[UPDATE]Cheaper Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia options spotted, RM62.90 for an annual subscription

[ UPDATE 02/06/2021 17:00 ]: According to a Disney+ Hotstar representative, Malaysian consumers are only offered a single plan of RM54.90 for 3 months. The monthly and annual pricing reflected in the app is the pricing for Indonesia.


Disney+ Hotstar has officially rolled out in Malaysia yesterday with a single subscription option of RM54.90 for 3 months. If you check out the listing on the Apple AppStore, it appears that there are two additional options that are significantly cheaper.

According to the “In-App Purchases” section at the bottom of the listing, you will find a total of 3 subscription options:

  • Disney+ Hotstar Quarterly – RM54.90
  • Disney+ Hotstar Monthly – RM11.90
  • Disney+ Hotstar Annual – RM62.90

If you do a comparison, the current RM54.90 quarterly plan costs RM18.30/month, which is more expensive than the monthly subscription. What’s even more interesting is that the annual plan only costs RM62.90 for a full year which is effectively RM5.24/month.

However, there’s no option for you to select a monthly or annual subscription for now. When we try to sign up on an iOS device, the app only provides a single RM54.90/3 months option on the subscription page.

It isn’t clear if this is a mistake or could this be new options that might be rolled out in the future. We can’t seem to find these monthly and annual plans on the Google Play Store and the official website.

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As a comparison, Disney+ Hotstar is significantly cheaper in Indonesia. Their monthly plan costs IDR 39,000 (about RM11.29) while the annual option is only IDR 199,000 (about RM57.60).

If you’re an Astro Movies Pack customer, Disney+ Hotstar is already included in your plan since they have increased the price by RM5 extra for all Movies Pack customers. To activate it, you’ll have to link your mobile number to your Astro ID here. Unlike most video streaming platforms, Disney+ Hotstar uses your phone number and a 4-digit SMS verification code to login.


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