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The SoyaCincau.com team is diverse, inclusive, transparent and vibrant, and we are committed to ensuring it stays this way. We’re looking for applicants—no matter their age, gender or race—with great interpersonal and communication skills who can work well with all kinds of people. Those with great organisational skills, superior attention to detail, and punctuality will excel in these roles.

Candidates with an inquisitive, curious and informed mindset are invited to apply for the following vacancies:

Positions Available

All positions are based in Kuala Lumpur.

About SoyaCincau.com

SoyaCincau.com was established in 2008 and it’s a platform available in three languages—EnglishMalay and Chinese. We are on a mission to cultivate an inquisitive, curious and informed society, and we are building a team of responsible content creators. Besides reporting news on smartphones, telecommunications, Electric Vehicles (EV) and digital finance services, we also cover other areas of science and technology including policies that impact society.