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Maxis to introduce new Mesh WiFi solution for home fibre broadband on 18 February

Maxis has started teasing its upcoming hardware solution that promises to improve the WiFi experience at your home. This appears to be a new Mesh WiFi product which could replace its current AirTies Air4830 solution that’s now offered for free on its higher-tier fibre broadband plans.

Mesh WiFi routers are designed to help expand your home’s WiFi network by minimising dead zones and to offer a seamless connection across your devices at home. For larger homes, you may be required to purchase additional nodes to offer an expanded coverage.

Maxis new Mesh WiFi router

From the image above, Maxis’ new Mesh WiFi routers look slim and it comes in black. The teaser says “A crowded home doesn’t mean you can’t own your space” and “Don’t let any other device get in the way of your WiFi experience”. This indicates that it could better address WiFi congestion issues and support more devices on your home network.

We can’t identify the model of the router and we hope that it can support the newer WiFi 6 standards. Maxis will revealed the full details on Thursday, 18th February 2021.

AirTies Air4830

At the moment, Maxis is bundling 2 units of its AirTies Mesh WiFi solution on its 500Mbps (RM219/month) and 800Mbps (RM299/month) fibre plans. For those who are subscribing on the lower fibre options, the Mesh WiFi routers are offered at RM25/month (24-month contract) on Zerolution for a pair or RM300 outright per unit. The Air4830 routers boast 2000Mbps connectivity with dual-band support (5GHz/2.4GHz) and it connects directly to your existing stock router.

Apart from Maxis, other providers such as TM, ViewQwest and Time are also offering Mesh WiFi solutions for its home fibre customers. Celcom currently doesn’t offer Mesh WiFi for its home fibre plan but they are currently providing a TP-Link AX10 WiFi router which supports WiFi 6.

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