Time Home Fibre Broadband now comes with free Mesh WiFi routers

Time has announced its OmniMesh offering for its home fibre broadband plans which promises to deliver strong and stable WiFi connection throughout your entire home. Instead of offering Mesh nodes as an add-on to an existing router, Time now bundles routers with built-in Mesh WiFi. According to the broadband provider, this OmniMesh approach maximise WiFi coverage with fewer devices required.

For the 100Mbps and 500Mbps plan, Time is offering the Huawei HG8145 router, while 1Gbps customers will get the TP-Link EC440. Both are Mesh enabled and must be paired with the respective supported Mesh WiFi nodes.

According to Time, the setup will solve common WiFi woes at home as the solution uses the latest Smart WiFi technology. It added that it has improved its ability to diagnose and troubleshoot WiFi issues more quickly with the deployment of its Network Cloud Engine (NCE) management and analysis software on its network.

To recap, Time currently offers 100Mbps for RM99/month, 500Mbps for RM139/month and 1Gbps for RM199/month on a 24-month contract. Both 100Mbps and 500Mbps options get the same upload speed as downloads, while the 1Gbps plans has an asymmetrical upload speed of 500Mbps.

Do note that you don’t really get a Mesh setup upon subscription as you’re only getting a Mesh-ready WiFi router. You’ll need to get additional nodes to expand your WiFi coverage depending on the size of your home. For a limited time, 1Gbps customers can get a free OmniMesh Enhanced Starter Pack that comes with 1x TP-Link HC420 Mesh node worth RM199.

If you’re subscribing to the 100Mbps or 500Mbps plan, you’ll have to add-on the Huawei WA8021V5 Mesh node that’s compatible with the HG8145 router. 1x node costs RM169, 2x nodes costs RM338 while 3x nodes costs RM507.

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For users that get the TP-Link EC440 router on the 1Gbps plan, 2x TP-Link HC420 nodes will cost you RM199 while 3x nodes is going for RM398. These are the promo prices during the free 1x node promo for 1Gbps customers.

For more info, check out Time’s OmniMesh page.

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