Digi fibre broadband now starts from RM90/month, add unlimited postpaid for RM60/month

Digi has updated its fibre broadband offering with more options and it’s now less complicated than before. There’s now a cheaper 50Mbps home fibre broadband plan which costs less than RM100/month and a new 800Mbps option that’s priced RM20/month cheaper than the 1Gbps plan.

Below are the current Digi Internet Freedom Fibre Broadband options which are now available for subscription:

DIF 90 (50Mbps DL/20Mbps UL) – RM90/month
DIF 130 (100Mbps DL/50Mbps UL) – RM130/month
DIF 190 (500Mbps DL/100Mbps UL) – RM190/month
DIF 270 (800Mbps DL/200Mbps UL) – RM270/month
DIF 290 (1Gbps DL/200Mbps UL) – RM290/month

All plans come with unlimited quota and are tied with a 24-month contract. According to Digi, its fibre broadband service can serve 3.7 million households throughout Malaysia and this is made possible through collaborations with TM, Time and TNB’s Allo.

If you need unlimited internet on the go, customers on Digi’s 100Mbps fibre broadband plan (DIF 130 and above) and above can add-on a postpaid plan with unlimited data, unlimited calls and 300 SMS for RM60/month.

Essentially, this is the Digi Postpaid Infinite 100 plan which also comes with 20GB of hotspot data. Typically, the Infinite 100 plan comes with a speed cap of 10Mbps, but for this fibre broadband bundle, Digi has confirmed that there’s no speed cap.

On DIF 130 (100Mbps), you can get up to 2 lines while DIF 190 (500Mbps) customers can get up to 3 lines. For those on DIF 270 (800Mbps) and 290 (1Gbps), you are able to add-on a maximum of 4 lines. If you add an unlimited postpaid line, you’ll get 12-months free subscription for Viu.

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If you get a 100Mbps fibre broadband plan + 1 unlimited postpaid, it will cost you RM190/month. If you get it with 2 postpaid plans, it will cost you RM250/month. Overall, it’s more affordable than Maxis as the green telco offers 100Mbps fibre broadband + Maxis Postpaid 98 (unlimited data) for RM227/month. If you need an additional postpaid line (add-on Maxis Share 48), it will cost you RM275/month in total.

For more info, check out Digi’s Fibre Broadband page.

Alexander Wong