The Lego x Ikea collaboration is a little underwhelming

Ikea and Lego revealed an official collaboration after initially teasing a release a few days ago. However, it turned out to be a series of storage boxes—which is honestly a pretty underwhelming reveal.

The storage solution is called the “BYGGLEK”, and the range consists of four different products. They include one set of three small boxes, two sets of bigger boxes, and one set of Lego bricks.

The set can be used with any existing and future Lego elements and pieces. The ‘boxes’ have Lego studs on the lid and the front so that you can easily stick your Lego bricks on them—like an extra Lego play-table.

The collection aims to make it more fun for kids to store their belongings when playtime’s over. But of course, grown-up kids can also treat themselves to the series—if that’s your prerogative.

The Ikea and Lego collaboration was first announced back in 2018. The series was first spotted at an Ikea store in Germany last month but they were removed quickly after.

“At Ikea, we always believe in the power of play. Play lets us explore, experiment, dream and discover. Where adults often see mess, children see a stimulating creative environment, and “BYGGLEK” will help bridge the gap between these two views to ensure more creative play in homes around the world,” said Andreas Fredriksson, designer at Ikea of Sweden.

Prices have not yet been revealed, as the “BYGGLEK” collection will only be available in Ikea stores in Europe (except Russia) and North America from 1 October. Malaysia will have an even later release date, as according to their tease on their Malaysian Facebook it will only be available in early 2021.

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However, according to the first sighting of the sets the price starts from EUR 9.99 (about RM49.23) for the smallest up to EUR 14.99 (about RM73.87) for the biggest. Their own Ikea-themed Lego sets are priced at EUR 14.99 (about RM73.87).

The “BYGGLEK” looks like it’s only meant for kids to keep their Lego bricks. It doesn’t seem practical to get these storage boxes if you don’t own any Legos—especially if you don’t have any to stick on the tops of them.

Still, it might appeal to Lego fans. Are you thinking of getting them, or did the reveal also not match your expectations?


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