Lego and Ikea are introducing a new product line, what could this be?

Lego Malaysia has just teased something rather interesting on its Facebook page. The Danish toymaker appears to be teaming up with Ikea of Sweden for a brand new product line. Could this be a Ikea-themed toy set or a Lego-themed furniture? Whatever the outcome might be, self assembly would be required.

Interestingly, both Danish and Swedish brands have announced their collaboration back in 2018. According to Ikea Hackers, the upcoming product is called the Lego BYGGLEK.

The Lego x Ikea products were first spotted at an Ikea store in Germany last month but they were removed shortly after. From what we know so far, the Ikea BYGGLEK consists of 4 different products.

3 of them are essentially Ikea storage boxes that feature Lego building plate surface on the lid. This would allow you to attach Lego bricks on top.

It will be available in small, medium and large sizes with price starting from EUR 9.99 (about RM49.23) for the smallest up to EUR 14.99 (about RM73.87) for the biggest.

The last item appears to be a Lego toy set of miniature pieces of Ikea furniture with 2 mini figures. It carries the Lego product number 40357 and has 201 pieces. This Lego set is said to be priced at EUR 14.99 (about RM73.87).

So far there’s no info on the Malaysian pricing and actual availability. We expect Lego and Ikea Malaysia to reveal more details in the coming days. Since the items were spotted at Ikea in Germany, we reckon that the BYGGLEK products would be offered soon at all four Ikea stores in Malaysia.

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Alexander Wong