iOS 14.2: You can now FaceTime in 1080p if you’re using iPhone 8 and above

Apple gave us the lowdown on iOS 14.2 additions like the new emojis—which include the smiling mask emoji. But they didn’t really make any announcements that the iPhone 8 and later have now gained support for 1080p FaceTime HD video calls.

According to MacMagazine, Apple quietly updated the specs pages for iPhone 8 and above shortly after iOS 14.2 debuted in November. They discovered this in the spec page for the phone, which you can take a look at here.

However, only the iPhone 12 series will let you FaceTime over 5G. The other iPhone variations will only let you FaceTime at 1080p over WiFi. And since 5G will take it’s time to get here in Malaysia, it wouldn’t really make any difference.

Previously, there was only the 720p option for FaceTime on the iPhone 8 and later. MacMagazine reports that the difference in quality between 1080p over Wi-Fi and 720p over 4G was “very noticeable“.

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