COVID-19: New Yorkers can now get married over FaceTime or Zoom

New Yorkers who want to get married during the COVID-19 outbreak can do so… with a few tweaks to how they would do it normally. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (whose own brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, has been stricken by COVID-19) tweeted the issuance of an Executive Order, allowing New Yorkers to obtain a marriage license remotely. 

Clerks can now perform the ceremony via video chat. People now can get married in the state of New York using FaceTime and Duo. Zoom would also be allowed as they let 100 and more people to participate in a chat at the same time (FaceTime allows up to 32 people to chat simultaneously, while the limit for Duo is 12). You can even have a virtual reception afterwards.

Although Zoom offers the opportunity for more people to attend the video weddings in New York, the platform is riddled with privacy problems. The previously mentioned FaceTime and Duo are better options, even if you can’t get all your uncles and aunties and mother’s friends to join in on the e-ceremony. It might even be a better excuse to keep things more intimate.

The above image is a screenshot taken from Phone Arena, of Lisa Kabouridis and Graeme Blackett enjoy their wedding reception over Zoom. The attendee that they pointed out that beckons the name “HUAWEI P20”, who isn’t showing their face. Could it be a wedding crasher?

In Malaysia, JAWI recently officiated Malaysia’s first virtual ‘akad nikah’.

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In New York, there are a total of 242,786 COVID-19 cases (13,869 deaths, no information of how many recovered total yet), making it currently the state in America with the highest amount of infectees. Cuomo has issued extended stay-at-home measures until 29th April.


Dzamira Dzafri