This is what Among Us would be like with realistic graphics

YouTuber and independent game creator Fat Dino posted a video showing how he recreated the popular Among Us games with more realistic graphics. He used graphics from Unreal Engine 4—a AAA game engine developed by Epic Games can be downloaded for free.

In the 10-minute-long video above, Fat Dino explains how he used assets from the Unreal Engine store to create The Skeld—which is the most recognisable map in the Among Us game. However, he was only able to recreate half of The Skeld due to time constraints.

He made it up with very detailed areas and features you might recognise if you played Among Us. These include the cafeteria, med-bay, engine rooms, electrical room, security, and the reactor.

He made the astronaut models from scratch. also recreated the tasks you needed to do on the ship as a crew member. They include taking out the trash, fixing the wires, and swiping your card, amongst other ones.

Fat Dino even made the game with multiplayer support, and he invited his friends to try out the game for the video. The players who were crew mates were able to explore the map and do the tasks, whereas the players who are the impostors can still kill other players in the same way that they would in the Among Us game. They can even “sabotage” by messing with the reactor, lights, and doors.

“Even though the game still has some bugs, it is pretty fun to play,” said Fat Dino in the video.

The game creator has also made realistic versions of other games like Fall Guys and Flappy Bird. He also recreated his version of World of Warcraft with the Unreal Engine 4.

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Among Us was also remade into 3D videos by Malaysian YouTube Afiq Aiman a.k.a. AAC Dream. He’s made quite a few of them recently since we’ve first reported of his work.


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