Malaysian YouTuber makes Among Us animation in 3D, now has over 1.3 mil subscribers

Among Us—an online multiplayer social deduction game taking the world by storm—has been subject to countless memes and videos. A series of 3D animated videos in particular has contributed to giving a Malaysian YouTuber more than 1 million subscribers.

21-year-old Malaysian college student Afiq Aiman a.k.a. AAC Dream uploaded 5 videos so far of 3D animations based on the Among Us game. His earliest Among Us-themed video was posted 2 weeks ago, and each of them accumulated at least 1.2 million views. His highest performing video was his first upload—which has 3.9 million views so far.

However, these 3D animations aren’t exactly ‘originals’. He credits several creators of 2D animations for the ideas as “original animations”. Still, his 3D work is fantastic.

“Remaking these videos is part of my learning process. It’s all done at home with my own PC,” said Afiq.

Afiq also mentions that he isn’t a one-man show. He has a team to help him—including Animator Putera Syafiq, Marketing Manager Azhar Masli and Web Developer Aiman Nasrullah.

Besides Among Us animations, AAC Dream has posted many different 3D animations. His most popular one so far is a video based on the game Temple Run—where the video mixes 3D with live action. It currently has a whopping 169 million views.

According to Social Blade, he crossed 1 million subscribers in August 2020—way before he posted his Among Us videos. He did, however, gain like 200,000 subscribers in the last 30 days.

The channel’s first few videos are just simple videos of Street Fighter and Fruit Saber simulations. It also posted a lot of Upin & Ipin based animations—as well as superhero-based videos.

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“My target audience are mostly gamers who wanna watch their favourite characters in real life or be animated in short animations,” he said.


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