BigPay now allows you to send money to Alipay users in China

BigPay has expanded its international remittance service by adding China to its list of supported countries. BigPay users can now send money to China easily and the funds will be transferred within 15 minutes.

BigPay Alipay china transfer money

The remittance service to China goes through Alipay. To send money, all you’ll need to enter is the recipient’s name and their Alipay ID. The money will be transferred to the UnionPay card account that’s linked to Alipay. If the recipient hasn’t linked their UnionPay card, they have 24 hours to do so after the transfer is made.

According to BigPay, the transfer takes up to 15 minutes to process and it’s applicable from Monday to Sunday including public holidays. As usual, the first international transfer on BigPay is free and the remittance fee to China is listed at RM23. BigPay says it offers a low-cost and transparent way to send money abroad and it is 4.5-7% cheaper than the average bank.

Quoting World Bank data, BigPay says USD 345 million (about RM1.46 billion) is sent from Malaysia to China every year. Through its access to Alipay users in China, BigPay users can transfer funds to an additional 900 million people.

The prepaid card brand by AirAsia had recently announced its remittance service to Australia and Vietnam. The app also allows users to send money to Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Depending on countries, the international transfer may take several business days to process.

In case you missed, you can also reload your BigPay account with a credit card but they have reduced the top-up limit via credit card to RM2,500/month. You still can make unlimited top-ups via debit card and online banking.

For more info, you can check out BigPay’s website.

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