Webe’s Nex.Life fibre and mobile service is shutting down

Just slightly more than 14 months in operation, Nex.Life is shutting down. This is a no-frills fibre broadband + mobile internet service that’s managed by TM subsidiary, Webe Digital.

As highlighted by one of our readers, customers have received a notification that Nex.Life will end its service on 30th June 2020. To ensure continued connectivity, existing users will be offered to switch to Unifi with a special introductory offer.

Nex.Life users can get a 30Mbps Unifi Home Fibre Broadband with Unifi Media Box for RM99/month. Subscribers can also pick their preferred pack (Varnam+, Aneka+ or Ruby+) for the Unifi TV service. As a special offer, the first 6 months will be offered for free and it’s only valid until 20th May 2020. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of any alternatives for the mobile internet line.

According to the notice, Nex.Life will be reaching out to its customers to follow up on the next course of action. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, it is mentioned that Unifi installations will be arranged after the movement control order is lifted.

Webe Digital Nex.Life

To recap, Nex.Life was launched with a single service which provides unlimited 20Mbps fibre broadband plus a SIM card that provides unlimited data on 4G for only RM100 per month. There are no voice calls and you’ll need to buy your own wireless router for the plan. While most fibre broadband services are tied with a 24-month contract, Nex.Life tenure is much shorter at only 12-months.

A few months later, Nex.Life had upgraded its fibre broadband speed to 30Mbps. The service utilises TM’s HSBB network and it was initially introduced in limited areas in Kelantan and Terengganu. Eventually, it was expanded to more locations in West Malaysia.

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