Nex.Life’s RM100 unlimited fibre broadband + mobile plan now available in more places in Malaysia

Nex.Life‘s no-frills home + mobile plan is now available across most parts of Malaysia. The plan offers unlimited fibre broadband and unlimited 4G LTE data for RM110/month under a single bill.

As an introductory offer, you can sign up for Nex.Life for only RM100/month as they are offering a discount of RM10/month. The fixed broadband offering comes with 30Mbps for downloads with unlimited quota. This was recently upgraded from 20Mbps that was offered previously.

For the mobile plan, it only gets unlimited data on 4G LTE. The plan comes bundled with 500MB of 3G data each month and if you need more, you are required to purchase additional quota that starts from RM15 for 1GB. Calls and SMS are not included and they are charged at 20 sen/minute (60-second block) for local calls and 15 sen per SMS.

The Nex.Life plan is tied with a shorter 12-month contract period and the wireless router is not provided. However, they have provided a list of recommended models that are guaranteed to work on their network.

Nex.Life is a brand under Webe Digital and it was introduced early this year as a pilot in Kelantan and Terengganu. Recently they expanded to the Klang Valley. Unfortunately, at the moment, it only covers West Malaysia and Nex.Life isn’t available in Sabah and Sarawak.

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Alexander Wong