Grab Bike joins Dego Ride with motorcycle ride-hailing services in KL

The start of the 6-month trial period for motorcycle ride-hailing services in Kuala Lumpur has begun. Dego Ride earlier announced that the company has begun offering its services in select areas in the Klang Valley, with around 700 riders available and another 4,000 applicants pending.

Now, Grab has joined the fray with Grab Bike, although the Singaporean-based company is only providing motorcycle ride-hailing in the KLCC, Buki Bintang, Pudu, and Chow Kit areas for the moment.

Based on checks done by our colleagues over at SoyaCincau BM, rates are currently set at a base fare of RM3.70 under trips under 3km, with a service charge of 30 cents levied as well. For subsequent kilometres travelled up till 5.5km, the charge is 66 cents for each kilometre, and RM1/km for distances above 5.5km.

To address concerns from certain quarters that motorcycle ride-hailing isn’t appropriate for the local culture—especially with regards to female passengers—there are also female riders available. Meanwhile, helmets are also provided by Grab.

For some comparison, Dego Ride’s rates are RM3 for the first 3km, with RM1 charged for every subsequent kilometre. Dego also says that male and female riders will only be matched with passengers of their own gender.

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