GrabBike joins GoJek in Malaysia, opens up rider registration

The Transport Ministry recently announced that a 6-month trial period for motorcycle e-hailing services has been approved, and will begin in January 2020. While most of the discussion has centred around Indonesia-based ride-hailing company, GoJek, Grab has quietly opened up registrations for the GrabBike (Beta) service.

This isn’t unexpected, with the e-hailing giant already providing similar services in Indonesia and Thailand. The programme will run in the Klang Valley, and is accepting applicants until December the 2nd. Grab will then inform approved applicants by December 9 (or within 5 business days) so that they can start their training.

There are several conditions for prospective riders to consider:

  • Riders must possess a full license (B or B2)
  • Riders must not be younger than 18 years
  • Only one passenger (18 and above) is allowed per trip
  • The rider must not be blacklisted by the JPJ or PDRM
  • Motorcycles used must be 5 years or newer, and must be registered with JPJ (and not blacklisted)
  • No unapproved modifications may be made to the motorcycle
  • Riders must be in uniform and display the appropriate signage on their motorcycles

Riders can also receive GrabFood orders, with the exception of cakes and pizza. However, they can opt to turn off the GrabFood app if they wish to only provide GrabBike services.

A commission of 20% will be deducted from the rider’s cash wallet, and riders chosen for the program will be given a smaller delivery bag when attending the training sessions.

For the first month, GrabBike riders will receive special incentives, along with a jacket and a helmet for pillion riders.

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It’s worth noting that ride-hailing (primarily the GoJek company) has received flak for alleged concerns over the safety, and cultural challenges, of providing such a service in Malaysia. You can read more about that in the related reading section below. For more information, click here.


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