MyCar clarifies: Gojek issue not racially/politically motivated

GoJek and other motorcycle ride-hailing services could be available in Malaysia soon after the Cabinet approved the proposal in principle, but reports have shown that not everyone is on board with the recent decision. After Big Blue Taxi Services founder voiced his concern that the entrance of the Indonesia-based Gojek would be a “step backward” for Malaysia, local car-hailing service MyCar held a press conference last week agreeing with the sentiment.

Besides stating that motorcycle ride-hailing services would be unsafe, there are concerns surrounding the cultural suitability of such services, with MyCar founder, Noah Maideen, explaining:

“Isu muhrim akan timbul bagi wanita Islam yang bakal menggunakan perkhidmatan ini. Manakala, yang bukan beragama Islam, isu moral akan terdedah kepada perkara negatif.”

But MyCar called for support for local companies such as theirselves during the press conference last week, with the ride-hailing company asking for support from the rakyat, as well as stricter regulation of foreign companies entering the Malaysian market.

However, it turns out that there have been some misconceptions regarding the true intentions of MyCar. According to a statement from MyCar this morning, there have been postings in the aftermath of the press conference claiming: “Boikot Grab. Support MyCar Anak Melayu”.

However, MyCar’s statement states unequivocally that they do not support the racial and political sentiments being stirred, with the company clarifying that their press conference was a call for support for local companies in Malaysia.

“Tambahan pula, MyCar menitikberatkan nilai perpaduan dan keharmonian setiap kaum dan bangsa di Malaysia mahupun di luar negara.”

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