OnePlus 3 review: Third time’s the charm



A lot of OnePlus’ core principle was about not forcing the customer to choose between a budget price and flagship specs. But with the OnePlus 3, the company’s latest and most expensive smartphone in Malaysia yet, one has to wonder: Has the plucky rebel finally given in to the cutthroat capitalist?

Well, no, Not really.

You still get a bucket load of power under the hood with a top of the line processor and a mind-boggling amount of RAM. You also get fairly large internal storage as standard which is great.

What’s more, OnePlus have also taken their smartphone build game to an all new level with a metal unibody that’s nice and thin with a subtle curve so it fits your hand better.

It’s really just a fantastic smartphone in its own right, regardless of the price. Yes, this may be the most expensive OnePlus flagship to hit Malaysian shores, but it’s still nearly half the price of its high-end competitors.

There is, however, one critical flaw. An Achilles heel, if you must.