Google unveils its most personal assistant yet — Google Home


Google unveils their take on the home personal assistant — Google Home. It is a fully voice controlled hub that lets you enjoy music and entertainment throughout your entire house, manage everyday tasks and ask Google what you want to know.

Essentially, it’s Google’s own take on home voice assistants like Amazon’s Echo. Much like the Echo, Google Home also takes the form of a little cylindrical device that kind of looks like an air humidifier.


Google says that the Home is essentially a WiFi speaker that builds on the experiences that the search engine giant has gained with their Chromecast Audio and voice recognition software. It will also allow users to communicate with it from anywhere in the home simply by using your voice.

This means, in addition to asking Google Home to play music, you can also cast your music to Home via the Google Cast app. Google Cast support also allows you to hook up and control multiple speakers or televisions in your home without a complicated setup. So, for example, if you wanted to play music to your living room speakers, just tell Google Home that and it will do it for you.


Google Home also brings Google’s assistant into your home, allowing you to manage daily tasks like setting the thermostat, setting an alarm, and even control switches. In the future, Google also wants to work with developers to allow Google Home to do much more like ordering a car or having dinner delivered to your doorstep.

Additionally, it also has Google Search built-in. This means that you can ask Google anything from anywhere in your home much like you would with your Android smartphone.

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The only difference is that Google Home will not only search, it is also supposed to understand context and give more depth in conversations allowing you to ask follow-up questions in a more natural manner. Google says that Home will also learn from you, with your permission, allowing it to improve the way it helps you over time.

Google says that this Home assistant is set to launch by the end of this year though they didn’t mention when exactly it would arrive. It looks mighty impressive in their video demo, but that’s just a demo and demos usually look impressive. We’re definitely interested to see how well this would perform in real-world scenarios.

What do you guys think about Google Home?