This cover lets you add a physical keyboard to your Galaxy S6


Look at your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge. Did you wish it came with a slide/flip/rotate out physical keyboard? Or did you wish that Samsung made a funky strap-on keyboard like they did with their bigger models?

Yes? Good news then! One2Touch have introduced the SlimType — an NFC keyboard smartphone cover designed specifically for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Do you want to touch it?

Smartphones took the world by storm as people discovered exactly how much they could do on a tiny little device that fit in their pocket. Users began using them for instant messaging, web browsing, social media browsing and media consumption. In fact, people are using them for anything but making a call.

However, productivity has been the weakest link in the smartphone’s chain, due to many reasons. First is the fact that with screen real estate that is only the size of your palm, it is quite difficult to view something like a spreadsheet, for instance. Matters are made worse when users have to type because the virtual keyboard usually takes up half the screen.

Plus it isn’t very satisfying typing on a virtual keyboard — one reason why BlackBerry kept the keyboard on the PRIV. With SlimType though, it looks like you can use your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge as a productivity device.


There is one major problem that we’ve picked up on, though. Have you seen it yet? Yup, it doesn’t have a kickstand.

Most tablet keyboard covers either rely on the device’s built-in kickstand or they fold in some sort of elaborate manner to form a triangular base. On the SlimType though, none of those options appear to be available. We don’t know about you but a kickstand seems mighty useful when you’re trying to be productive.

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The keyboard doesn’t look like it has much travel or much of a mechanical feel, which makes sense since it’s a phone cover. Doesn’t mean it will be nice to type on, though.

Maybe this keyboard can work in a pinch or if you simply hate virtual keyboards and what it does to the size of your screen. Will it truly turn your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge into much more of a productivity beast than it already is? We doubt it.


A cool attempt, but alas it doesn’t seem very practical. Although this device, which is on Amazon, currently doesn’t ship directly to Malaysia, there are still ways to get such products into your hands. Google it you lazy people!

We’re the type of people who simply must have the best when it comes to productive typing, so maybe we’re being overcritical. What do you guys think? Would you consider dropping USD39.99 (around RM174) on it?