Maxis official iPhone 4S Plans

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Update: Maxis has revised their RRP pricing for the iPhone 4 8GB from RM1,800 previously to RM1,890 currently. Contract pricing for the device remains the same. You can get the same device without contract RM91 cheaper direct from Apple Store online which is selling the iPhone 4 8GB for RM1,799

UPDATE 2: We compared all 3 iPhone 4S telco plans. Read more here.


Maxis has finally revealed its iPhone 4S plans and pricing right after DiGi. In terms of plan option, Maxis retains its usual iValue 1, 2, 3 & 4 which offers bundled talk time, SMS and Data. The subscription fee of each plans are retained which ranges from RM100-RM375 monthly.

However this time around, Maxis is a little more generous when it comes to data. iValue 2 gets 3GB, iValue 3 gets 5GB and iValue 4 gets 7GB. Previously Maxis offered incremental 1GB for each higher iValue plan (Value 1 = 1GB, Value 2 = 2GB, Value 3 = 3GB and Value 4 = 4GB) for the iPhone 4. In addition, they are throwing free Maxis WiFi service for the first 3 months.

In terms of bundled calls and minutes, Maxis still retains the same thing  and SMS/MMS is limited to on-net usage. This means if you SMS/MMS someone on a non-Maxis network, you will be charged additional on top of your iValue commitment.

So how much is the iPhone 4S on Maxis? Compared to the previous iPhone 4, it is slightly more. On the lowest commitment and shortest contract period of 12 months with iValue 1, the 16GB iPhone 4S is offered at RM1,750. As comparison, the older iPhone 4 16GB was previously offered at RM1690 during launch. For the big spender, as usual, the iPhone 4S 16GB is offered for free on 24 months subscription of iValue 4. So far there’s no iData and Prepaid options to be seen but we believe that it should be revealed later on.

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On the device pricing, Maxis reveals the iPhone RRP as follows:

  • iPhone 4 8GB – RM18001890
  • iPhone 4S 16GB – RM2190
  • iPhone 4S 32GB – RM2590
  • iPhone 4S 64GB – RM2890

You’ll notice that Maxis is also offering the entry level iPhone 4 8GB. This was offered by Apple Online Store for RM1799 in October. On the iPhone 4S 16GB, Maxis outright pricing is RM100 less compared to DiGi’s offering.

For more details, head over to Maxis iPhone 4/4S page.

Thanks to chengkiong and all that have alerted us! You can compare this with previous iPhone 4 plans after the break.

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