Motorola RAZR comes bundled on Celcom

UPDATE 1: Celcom states Droid RAZR which is the 4G LTE version. Is Celcom LTE ready?

UPDATE 2: We have been told that Celcom’s stock for the Motorola RAZR has been delayed.

UPDATE 3: Celcom brings back Motorola RAZR page. They have also renamed “Droid RAZR” to “Motorola RAZR”. Starting price now showing from RM1,308, not RM1,138 as written earlier by Celcom. Bundled pricing remains unchanged.

The sharp looking RM1,999 Motorola RAZR will go on sale in Malaysia on 11.11.11. During the launch event, no telco plans have been officially announced until now. Celcom has finally revealed on their website that they are carrying the RAZR from as low as RM1308 on contract on the highest commitment Celcom Exec 250 plan with 18 months duration.

If you notice the header above, it mentions as low as RM1,138 but it is no where to be found on Celcom website. Perhaps, that’s for Celcom BIZ which isn’t available yet.

Note: Another interesting discovery made by heeman is that the model is written as “Droid RAZR”. The Droid RAZR is a 4G LTE device while the Motorola RAZR is the 3G GSM version for the rest of the world. Whichever it is, lets hope Celcom is bundling the right version that will work on their network. Celcom has corrected this mistake and has changed the device name to Motorola RAZR, which is the GSM version for Malaysia.

For more information, head over to Celcom’s Motorola RAZR page.

Thanks to @keithwoo for giving us a heads up!