Celcom Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 plans and pricing hidden in the source

UPDATE The hidden pricing appears to be a dud. Official Galaxy Tab 10.1 price from Celcom starts at RM1468 as per unconfirmed plans.

Now this gets even interesting. Apart from the tip off on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 plans and pricing, someone has unearthed the hidden plans on Celcom’s website. You can’t see it right now but if you dig into the source code of this page you’ll find the hidden contents.

From this discovery, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is instead bundled with mAdvance and mPro which are mobile internet plans bolted onto Celcom Exec postpaid plans. It also states an upfront payment of RM300 which is rebated back across 12 months.

Does this mean the Galaxy Tab 10.1 plans are no longer data only plans? Or could this be a dud and they might change to the unconfirmed plans that we’ve seen?