UNCONFIRMED: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Plans & Pricing from Celcom


UPDATE: Galaxy Tab 10.1 official price revealed, matches unconfirmed table above.

We got an interesting info on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 plans from Celcom. According to the tip we got, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is offered from RM1468 with 24 months contract with Celcom Broadband Advance. For the minimal usage and short contract seekers, it can be yours for RM1578 with 12 months contract of Broadband Basic. The tablet outright goes for RM1899 as revealed on their website.

We would like to stress that these pricing is unconfirmed but we are inclined to believe they are likely to be true. If you think this is too much to pay, you still stand a chance to grab a Galaxy Tab as low as RM99 at the Celcom firesale happening this Saturday.

Big thanks to @synnnx for the tip!