Facebook Phone is official. Not coming to Malaysia any time soon

All things considered this is not a actually a “Facebook Phone” but a phone that’s build around Facebook, designed to be hyper-connected to the social network allowing users to connect with Facebook through a mobile platform on a deeper level.

The official name of the device — as it was earlier revealed — is the INQ Cloud Touch. There are two versions of the device one with a touch screen and another adds a QWERTY keyboard into the mix. Essentially both devices are run-of-the-mill Android phones with customised Facebook features.

The INQ Cloud’s customised UI provides comprehensive options for the Facebook user ranging from a visual news feed with images and video to one-button access to features like Facebook Chat and location-based check-ins.

Specs wise its, you get a 3.5-inch HVGA screen, a 5MP camera and a 600MHz Qualcomm processor with 4MB of on board storage. It’s nothing much but it gets the job done. The Cloud runs Froyo (Android 2.2) and INQ says a Gingerbread upgrade is in the works.

The reason INQ gave the Cloud phone a modest specs is because the makers wanted it to be affordable and accessible to a market that will find this device appealing.

Fair notion and specs-wise the Cloud phone looks to be a decent mid-level smart phone. Unfortunately it is almost certainly not coming to Malaysia.