Man drops phone into toilet, nearly loses hand

May this be a lesson to all of you out there, using your mobile phone in the toilet is very dangerous.

This man from Jiangsu Province in China was so desperate to get back his mobile phone that he accidentally dropped into a toilet bowl that he ignored the very obvious fact that putting his hand all the way up to his armpit into a toilet bowl is indescribably disgusting. Making matters worse, his hand got stuck and had to get emergency services to take him out of the revoltingly messy situation.

Even if he does manage to scoop out his phone after all this, getting it cleaned and making sure all the crap has been removed to be usable again would render the phone useless (on the account that phones and water don’t mix). So it begs the question, what the hell was he thinking?

Looks like he got his phone back in the end. The full news video below.