New improved version of TweetDeck Beta for Android

TweetDeck has released another improved beta version for the Android. If you read our last review, we complained the lacking of several crucial features.

This time around, we have to say that the latest beta release is better. Now you are able to change the text size which was extremely big by default. They also had finally added notification settings where you can set the intervals and alert type such as light, sound and vibrate.

To make TweetDeck more “share friendly”, TweetDeck finally is listed when you select “Share” on various Android media and apps. Those who share links a lot would be happy too as URL shortener is now supported. However, we still can’t remove/sign out accounts that have been logged in.

For future release, Tweetdeck will also offer a widget, support for ANdroid 1.6 and video uploads.

To download the latest TweetDeck Beta 0.9.4, click here.