A closer look at new Lego expansion sets for Super Mario and Luigi

Lego gave us some early access to some sets that they will release on 1 August 2021, which includes the Lego Luigi starter course and some added expansion sets. The best part about the new expansions is that they will introduce bluetooth-enabled 2-player action if you have both of Nintendo’s favourite plumber brothers.

(71387) Adventures with Luigi Starter Course

While you may be more familiar with his brother, the famous player-2 character from the Nintendo games is a fan favourite. It’s about time that Luigi has his own Lego set—which includes a variety of things that the Mario starter set doesn’t.

The first thing you will probably have your eyes on first is the Lego Luigi himself. He’s slightly taller than Lego Mario (just like in the games) and has his own more distinct voice when you switch him on.

Besides some new enemies to play with, Luigi will get his very own Pink Yoshi—which helps him kind of helps Luigi like in the video games. You might not be able to ride Yoshi, but you get some extra super powers during your play with it.

Some other details include a see-saw (which would be more fun with his brother Mario!) and purple tiles that act as toxic slime. The Adventures with Luigi Starter Course is priced at RM259.90.

(71360) Adventures with Mario Starter Course

The Adventures with Mario Starter Course isn’t anything new, but like the Luigi set you’re able to build your own course using individual pieces that you’ve built—so that it feels new every time you want to play it. With the set, you’ll be able to build a bigger set using the Luigi Starter Course, and also actually team up with his brother during play throughs.

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The Adventures with Mario Starter Course is priced at RM259, and you can already purchase it now.

(71389) Lakitu Sky World Expansion Set

This expansion pack doesn’t come with the Mario brothers—you’d need to first get the Starter Courses. But this one is particularly fun! You can place each brother on either side of the Sky World set and let them fight to knock each other off, or to knock Lakitu off for extra points. You can watch some of the gameplay in the video below.

The Lakitu Sky World Expansion Set is priced at RM179.90.

(71391) Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set 

This set is a mammoth of a pirate ship built to heighten your experience with both Mario and Luigi. You’re able to play on the “outer” ship—which includes a captain’s seat, front and back Bowser heads, Kamek, a Rocky Wrench and a Goomba.

In addition, you’re able to turn the set into an “inside” ship with more details that you can play with. This includes a large hand that the Lego brothers can “fight” with for points.

Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set is priced at RM499.90.

So far, we’ve managed to build a fun course using everything we were given, which you can see in the above picture. But if you want to expand it even further, Lego will be releasing more sets on 1 August along with the ones we have.

(71388) Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower Expansion Set

This set also provides a lot of fun for two players. You’d need to work with both Mario and Luigi to topple the Boss Sumo Bro down his tower.

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The Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower Expansion Set is priced at RM149.90.

(71390) Reznor Knockdown Expansion Set

This expansion set lets you play with an Lego cartwheel, and it would be interesting to see this in motion. Based on what I see in the previous images, it includes a lot of water tiles as well as an additional dangerous-looking see-saw.

The Reznor Knockdown Expansion Set is priced at RM329.90.

(71392) Frog Mario Power-Up Pack

If you don’t know, you can take off Mario and Luigi’s pants and hat. With that neat trick, you’re also able to put on other “clothes” like the Frog Mario pack you can purchase for RM49.90. The Frog costume also grants you frog-like superpowers for your game play.

(71393) Bee Mario Power-Up Pack

Like the Frog Power-Up Pack, the Bee Mario costume not only makes your Mario and Luigi look adorable but it includes giving your characters Bee-like superpowers for your game play. The power-up pack is priced at RM49.90.

(71394) Character Packs – Series 3

Additionally, you can purchase new Character Packs for RM16.90 each. Series 3 include Galoomba, Parachute Bob-omb, Crowber, Boo, Amp, Torpedo Ted, Bony Beetle, 1-Up Mushroom, Scuttlebug and Swoop.

The Lego Super Mario Adventures with Luigi Starter Course, as well as the other expansion sets, will be available on 1 August 2021 at Lego Certified Stores and the official Lego Store on Lazada and Shopee. You can already pre-order the Luigi set here.

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