Android users will soon know if they are being tracked with an AirTag

After its release of the AirTag, Apple’s tracking accessory has had new faults and features discovered as we start to understand how it can be used. And after Apple announced that they’re making a few changes to improve the privacy of AirTag, Android users will also be glad to know that an Android app for detecting AirTags would be released later this year.

The thing about AirTags is that they’re tiny—it is slightly bigger than a coin with a thickness of 8mm and it weighs 11 grams. You can even purchase an AirTag accessory so that you won’t lose it as much. This might be worrying if you’re in a stalker/tracker situation as you might not know if someone had slipped one in your bag when you’re out.

Apple devices running iOS or iPadOS 14.5 or later already have an alert system built into their devices to let their users know that a rogue AirTag might be around them. You would be able to use the system to make the AirDrop play a sound to help you locate it.

However, if you’re an Android user, you won’t have an alarm system to help notify you of any AirTags. This is why Apple said it’s developing an app for Android devices to help them do that.

“The recent introduction of AirTag included industry-first proactive features that discourage unwanted tracking,” Apple said in a statement. 

But while the app might help Android users detect AirTags, it doesn’t seem like it will let Android users set up and use one. The tracking accessory is only compatible with Apple device users as it’s linked to the Find My… feature.

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On top of that, Apple has released a new firmware that will allow the AirTag to play a sound randomly in a shorter interval of between 8 and 24 hours after it has been separated from its owner. During the initial release, the AirTag will only play a sound after it has been separated from the owner after 3 days.

There have been some concerns about the AirTag when it comes to privacy. A German security researcher even shared how they managed to successfully hack an AirTag. Someone has also managed to send an AirTag through the mail to see how far it travelled.

The Apple AirTag is now officially available in Malaysia. It’s priced at RM129 for 1 pack and RM459 for a pack of 4.


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