A hidden developer menu for the AirTags has been discovered

I haven’t actually gotten my hands on the AirTags yet—one of Apple’s more novel devices to be released in recent years. If you aren’t caught up, these are tiny accessories that will help you locate your lost keys, bags, or anything that you can attach an AirTag to—in the same way that you’d “Find My iPhone”.

Since its launch, certain savvy folks have already realised that you can bypass Apple’s expensive series of loops and key rings by drilling a hole in the AirTags themselves, although I’d personally advise you not to mess about unless you have a certain amount of expertise here. Now, a couple of users have discovered something interesting for the AirTags: a hidden menu.

The discovery was shared within the hallowed halls of Reddit, with a helpful user sharing a couple of screenshots over Twitter:

Apparently (and I say this because I do not have AirTags to try this out with), you can access this menu by opening the Find My app on your iPhone, and clicking on an AirTag. Tap your name (top left corner) five times, and you’ll bring up the developer menu. To the layman, the data isn’t exactly legible, and it’s a little hard to understand what anything actually means.

Still, a helpful user on Reddit opines that the sliders in the menu correspond to the colours displayed on the screen:

“The bottom 4 sliders relate to the colour the screen turns when you are on-target (A=% mixed with view; H=hue;S=saturation;V=value/brightness). The top two sliders relate to camera blur, and brightness. Not sure what the middle ‘sum’ slider does yet.

“Tapping the writing at the bottom changes between ‘proximity mode’ which works with a tag; and ‘interactive mode’ which allows you to touch on the screen to simulate a tag.”

SOURCE: pmarksen

Of course, this discovery isn’t really a knock on Apple, nothing of the sort. Developer menus have long been accessible on a variety of platforms—including Android—but Apple doesn’t usually offer that sort of flexibility. If you’re familiar with the jargon, do reach out—I’d love to understand what the terms actually mean in the developer menu.

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