Celcom Mega now available with Unlimited Family line at RM40 and more data passes

Celcom has announced a revision to its Mega Postpaid plans which is offered with either unlimited data or with a quota-based option with uncapped speeds. On top of that you can also add a family supplementary line with unlimited data.

The base Celcom Mega postpaid plan remains unchanged and it starts at RM80/month with 40GB of data and unlimited voice calls to all networks. If you want to go unlimited, the Unlimited M pass costs RM18/month extra which comes with 10Mbps speed and 10GB of monthly hotspot data. New are the Unlimited “M Plus” and “L Plus” pass options which offer higher speeds and more hotspot data.

New Size-up Passes

The Unlimited M Plus offers 15Mbps speeds with 20GB hotspot at RM48/month extra while the Unlimited L Plus provides 20Mbps speeds with 30GB hotspot at RM78/month. Compared to the previous offering, the L Plus plan is identical to the existing L plan but it costs RM10 more.

According to Celcom’s FAQ, the M Pass allows you to enjoy unlimited video streaming in HD, while the M Plus lets you enjoy Full HD video quality. Meanwhile, the highest L Plus option is capable of offering video streaming in Ultra HD quality.

If you prefer faster speeds, Celcom has added two Lightning passes that replaces the current Lightning L Pass. The new Lightning M Plus offers 30GB of data at RM48/month extra while the Lightning L Plus offers 50GB of data at RM78/month extra.

Celcom Unlimited Family Line

Previously, Celcom Mega customers can add a supplementary line at RM40/month which come with 30GB of data. If your family members need more data for all their video streaming and download needs, there’s now an unlimited option that also cost RM40/month.

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The difference is that the speed for the Unlimited Family Line is capped at 6Mbps and it comes with 5GB of hotspot quota. If you need more data for hotspot, you can add-on 1GB for RM1 that’s valid for 24 hours or 10GB hotspot data for RM10 which is valid until the end of the billing cycle. Unlimited calls to all networks is still provided for both Unlimited and Lightning Family lines.

For reference, below is the previous Celcom Mega Postpaid plan that was last updated with free speed and hotspot quota upgrade in November 2020.

For more info, you can check out Celcom’s Mega Postpaid page or check out the FAQ.

Alexander Wong