Pokemon Go has been banning some iPhone users for no reason

There have been reports of iPhone users being banned from Pokemon Go, even if these users were not violating the rules of the game. The game sends users a warning saying that they are “using a modified software or an unauthorised third-party software”.

The warning is usually targeted to users who play the game on a device with modified software. Pokemon Go is built with a tool that can detect if the player is running a modified version of the app or using jailbreak to prevent hacks and mods. 

However, gamer @WhyldeGamer posted on Twitter that he received that same warning on his Twitter—claiming that he didn’t “do anything” to warrant the strike. His ban ended after Niantic privately contacted him.


There are also more cases of iPhone users receiving a ‘First Strike’ ban as seen on Reddit. Some even report receiving the ‘First Strike’ ban over and over again—making them believe that there’s some sort of bug in Niantic’s cheat detection system.

“I haven’t cheated or used any apps that should have marked me as cheating. I use the latest iPhone and the app directly from the App Store,” wrote a user on Reddit.

Currently, Niantic has not officially addressed the issue. but if you’ve experienced an unfair warrant for a ‘First Strike’ on the Pokemon Go app, let us know below.

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