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This is how much it’ll cost to add a wireless charger to the Proton X50

The Proton X50 is equipped with a number of USB ports that you can use to charge your phone and other devices. For those who hate to fiddle around with wires, now there’s an option that allows to add a wireless charger.

As reported by PaulTan, Proton is now offering a wireless charger accessory for the X50. The Qi-standard wireless charging pad is retrofitted below the aircon controls and it pushes a 10W output which is pretty standard.

Source: PaulTan

According to PaulTan, it draws power from the 12V socket and it also comes with LED indicators which will let you know that it’s charging. If you want to get this wireless charging accessory, it will cost you RM450. It’s available at any Proton dealer and it is applicable to all Proton X50 variants including the base “Standard” model.

Source: PaulTan

For RM450, that’s quite a lot to pay just for wireless charging. Since the Proton X50 doesn’t come with Android Auto or Apple Car Play, drivers would likely to use their phones for map navigation instead of leaving it on the wireless charging pad.

If you’re looking for a phone holder with wireless charging, there are several 3rd party options available like the Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger or Baseus 15W 2-in-1 Car wireless charger. They are typically going for around RM80-150 on ecommerce stores.

Would you spend RM450 just for wireless charging? Or is it better spent on other accessories that can do similar if not better job?


Alexander Wong