Twitter is thinking of following Facebook’s lead by introducing emoji reactions

Twitter user John D. Moore tweeted that he was a part of a survey from Twitter in which the company shows a “new reaction system” that might be added. The reaction system looks similar to Facebook’s reactions—which let users react to a post with emojis.

According to the screenshots Moore posted on Twitter, the survey shows a mock-up of what the emoji reactions would look like. The reactions include Funny, Interesting, Sad, Awesome, Support, and Angry.

Twitter also is thinking about introducing the downvoting—which is similar to how Reddit works. However, it’s going to be interesting if it does get implemented, as downvoting on Reddit works because it operates anonymously.

“People may not like Twitter, but they’ll like it less if it tries to be Reddit or Facebook,” wrote Moore.

Facebook first introduced their emoji reactions in 2015, and I remember feeling really annoyed at the change because it felt a little like the platform was trying to get people to “fake emotions”—but 6 years later here I am reacting to cute cat videos on Facebook with the heart emoji reaction… I still hate it, though.

Twitter bringing in downvoting and upvoting will make make the platform a lot more competitive and stressful than it already is. People are already picking fights on Twitter every day, and to add downvoting into the mix could mean that users could be able to use it to bully others. These new introductions would make Twitter a very different platform.

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