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Clubhouse introduces “Creator First” program to help you monetise your shows

After a nearly a year after it launched, Clubhouse has still not introduced an Android version of the app. But they have announced that that are introducing Creator First—an accelerator program for creators on the app. 

Clubhouse’s Creator First program aims to “support and equip emerging creators with the resources they need to bring their ideas and creativity to life”. They will also provide the creators with ” a monthly stipend” to turn your idea into a “profitable creative endeavour”.

“Every week, we are seeing new shows and formats arise like the Good Time show where the hosts interview some of the most interesting people in culture, News News News where they cover the headlines around the world every day five minutes at a time and The Lullaby Club where they create a sonic bubble bath for your soul and help put you to sleep. You are creating entirely new ways for people to come together, all through the power of voice,” wrote Clubhouse in their blog.

The program will help provide creators with equipment like an iPhone, iRig, AirPod Pros—Android equipment is “coming soon”. You’ll also get creative content advice from Clubhouse, and they’ll help match you with other talents on the platform.

Clubhouse will also help promote your show, help with design services and help build your audience. They will also “ensure you are financially supported” and “match you with brands”.

Clubhouse creators who wish to apply for the Creator First program would need to do so before the deadlines of 31 March 2021. You can click here to fill in the application. You’ll also need to provide them with an audio file of up to 3 minutes showing a sample of your show.

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Additionally, Clubhouse is also changing how you invite people to the app. Users no longer have to allow access to their contact list to send Clubhouse invitations—which was previously required. Now, you’re able to invite people by entering a phone number of the contact.

While Clubhouse said that they will be introducing the app to Android users “soon”, there is no confirmed date of launch. They might need to introduce it quick if they want to keep up with Twitter—which will be launching their own “Clubhouse” called Spaces soon as well.


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