Twitter might soon let you “undo” tweets so you can “double-check” for typos

As much as I want a way for Twitter to give us an edit feature, I can understand why it’s not a thing. People might try to change a statement after it’s been tweeted out, and the original message would be completely different. However, Twitter is testing out a new feature on its platform that might help you do a virtual “double-check” on your posts.

Twitter is testing out a feature that lets you “Undo” a tweet you just sent out. According to engineer Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter will give you about 5 or 6 seconds to undo a tweet.

Like I said previously, I would love an “edit tweet” feature to fix my typos and grammar mistakes. However, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that he “wanted to preserve the early vibe of Twitter when the only way you could send a tweet was through a text message”. It also helps influential Twitter users from drastically editing statements—imaging is certain American ex-presidents had the power to do that.

“Often times, a tweet can go viral even if it’s false or misconstrued. This sort of annotation feature would allow users to clarify what they meant while also preserving the original tweet. The original tweet, however, would not be able to be retweeted, with Twitter instead retweeting the clarification,” said Dorsey.

As Twitter is currently testing out the “undo” feature, it might at least aid you by making you second guess your own posts—which would make you recheck what you’ve written. But we don’t know when Twitter will be introducing the feature—or if Twitter wants to officially introduce the feature at all.

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