Apple: You can’t pick a default music service on iOS 14.5. Here’s what you can do instead

We’ve previously reported that iOS 14.5 beta lets you set third party music apps, like Spotify, as your default music app. However, Apple has clarified that the feature doesn’t actually work that way. 

With the previous iOS 14.5 beta, you’re able to pick a default service, when you would ask Siri to play a song it would show a list of music services to play a song from. After you choose your preferred platform, the song you want would then play from the service you selected, and you won’t need to mention the platform’s name anymore after the first time.

However, the feature had been pulled in beta 2. It has since returned with the release of beta 3—but this time it seems like you would always need to mention “Play the song on Spotify” if you want the song to be played on Spotify.

“The feature is an attempt to help Siri to learn the listening apps you want to use for different types of audio content—not just music. Perhaps you want to use Spotify to listen to music, but prefer to keep up with your podcasts in Apple Podcasts or some other third-party podcasts app. And you may want to listen to audiobooks in yet another app,” said TechCrunch after Apple clarified the fact to them.

To speed up the process, you can ask Siri to play something from a specific platform—without needing to wait for Siri to list the platforms. But you’re already able to do that before the iOS 14.5 update. It’s just that with the new iOS 14.5 update, Siri won’t automatically take your request to Apple Music—it will ask you for your preferred platform first.

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Other updates on iOS 14.5 include more emojis like replacing the syringe emoji with a more vaccine-friendly one, and an AirPods Max emoji. It will also include “the fastest way to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask”.


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