iOS 14.5: Apple introduces AirPods Max emoji, and makes the syringe “vaccine-friendly”

Apple is releasing a more emojis as part of their upcoming iOS 14.5 update. The emojis include skin tone options for more emojis, replacing the syringe emoji with a more vaccine-friendly one, and replacing the classic headphones emoji with a new AirPods Max emoji.

Now that Apple has introduced its own over-ear headphones to the market, it’s only fitting that their emoji matches their products. The company has previously used their emojis to promote their products—just like their mobile phone emoji which looks like an iPhone.

The iOS 14.5 update is also introducing a blood-less syringe emoji, helping to make vaccinations more appealing, and less intimidating. The syringe change could be a legitimately helpful one for those using emojis to convey COVID-19 relief.

Other stand-out emoji additions include bearded options for not just men, but women and the neutral persons. There are also more skin-tone additions to emojis like the “kissing couple” and “couple with heart”. You will be able to post emojis that convey multi-racial relationships.

There will also be new “smiley” face emojis like “Exhaling Face”, “Face with Spiral Eyes”, and “Face in Clouds”. The “Face in Clouds” emoji however just looks like an emoji portraying a heavy smoker.

The iOS 14.5 will also include “the fastest way to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask”. It can additionally support the new Xbox and PlayStation controllers, and finally set Siri’s default music streaming service to Spotify.


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Dzamira Dzafri