The Podchain Pro isn’t just a regular necklace. It charges your AirPods, too

Have you ever looked at your AirPods (or AirPods Pro) and wished they could just sort of hang around near you without the need of a charging case? Then the Podchain Pro might be for you.

The Podchain Pro—which you can currently back on Indiegogo—is advertised as a “wearable charger for AirPods”. The prices for backing them up start at USD 39 (RM157), and they would start shipping in May of this year.

The accessory comes in four styles—Panther (Sort of a black and dark grey mix), Wine (a red and black mix), Daisy (a yellow and black mix), and All Black (self explanatory). Each Podchain Pro will make you look like you’re wearing two necklaces.

The smaller of the necklace carries the battery box—which also has an on/off button. The longer necklace carries two AirPod charging pods with a patented magnetic lock—MagLock Charging System—which is a magnet suction that connects the earbuds and the chain in one easy click.

Podchain Pro claim that they can give your AirPods “three times their battery life”, or up to 16 hours of listening time. Since AirPods get up to 5 hours of listening time without the charging case, it’s quite a useful accessory if you’re going for a short trip or outing without needing to carry the case.

The necklaces, or “straps” as they call it, are also adjustable. And if you’re not into wearing the Podchain Pro as a lanyard, you can tie them around whatever you’d like—like your bag, or as a keychain.

Another cool thing about the Podchain Pro is that it lets you listen and charge your Pods at the same time. But as for how long you’d need to charge the necklace before it lets you charge” your AirPods for “up to 16 hours of listening time”, I wasn’t able to find any information of it.

It does, however, have an indicator for you to know if the battery box has more than 50% power (green light on), if it has less than 50% power (red light on), or if it has less than 10% power (flash red light). The battery box will fast flash the red light for 5 seconds before it switches off if it is out of power.

The Podchain Pro seems like just a fancy version of the Spigen AirPods strap—a single cable strap that holds both AirPods and make them look like regular earphones. The strap also has a tangle-free design.


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Dzamira Dzafri