Don’t want to lose your AirPods? Here’s how


If you’ve ordered your Apple AirPods on that day it went on sale, you should be receiving them by now. At RM849, these magical earphones ain’t cheap and you won’t want to lose them during your rigorous workout.


While Apple has designed the EarPods/AirPods to fit most ear shapes, it may not be the perfect fit for some people and that can be a problem. For those who are into ear piercings, you could follow this dude that passes the end of the AirPods through his pierced ear lobe. Now you can perform backflips or even ride a rollercoaster without worrying about losing your AirPods.


Alternatively, you can get one of these. The Spigen AirPods strap priced at US$9.99 is a single cable strap that’s 21.6 inches (54cm) long and it holds both AirPods securely. When not in use, you can wrap the strap securely onto the charging dock. On the plus side, the strap also has a tangle-free design.


You can order the strap directly from Spigen or wait for our local retailers to carry them soon.


Alexander Wong