DJI FPV drone and accessories revealed in unboxing video, rumoured launch in March

The DJI FPV (first-person-view) racing drone has not been officially announced, but that hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from getting some hands-on time with it. The Verge reported an unboxing video featuring the “FPV Combo” has surfaced online giving us a closer look at the drone and improvements made to the controller and FPV goggles.

The video was originally shared by Dominion Drones, an authorised DJI store in the US state of Virginia, but it was taken down. However, an edited version of the video was later uploaded on a different user’s channel.

While there is no flight footage in the video, it is rumoured that the drone has a top speed of 93mph (150km/h). Still, there is plenty to unpack in the video as it offers a look at everything that comes in the box from virtually every angle. First up, there is the drone itself which features a set of front- and downward-facing sensors that are likely to help it avoid obstacles. There is also a large main camera mounted high on the drone’s shell.

Another notable feature is the tall rectangular battery that fits on the rear portion of the drone. It appears that the kit comes with both a charger and a portable power bank of some kind.

Beside the drone, there is the new controller which could easily be passed off as a gamepad with sculpted grips and triggers around the back. The controller is shown to have a USB-C port on the bottom for charging. It also uses DJI’s detachable joysticks that can be stored in the inner side of each grip.

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The video also shows the new FPV goggles, which can also be recharged via USB-C. There is a microSD card slot on the goggles, which we speculate is used to store all recorded footage from the drone. Though the design looks similar to the original version that DJI introduced back in 2019, this variant is said to feel lighter. The foam surrounding the eyepiece is also said to be softer than the first version.  

It is rumoured that DJI will launch its first FPV drone in March. We will have to wait until then to learn the price and other launch details.


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