TM appoints its first CMO since 2014

Telekom Malaysia (TM) has announced the appointment of Shanti Jusnita Johari, as its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) effective 1st February 2021. This is the first CMO appointment at TM after Dato Rozalila Abdul Rahman left the telecommunications company in 2014.

Shanti Jusnita has 24 years of experience in various strategy, commercial and operational roles in the telecommunication industry, mainly in marketing, product management and sales for both consumer and enterprise segments.

Prior to her appointment at TM, Shanti Jusnita was the Chief Customer Service and Experience Officer at Celcom since April 2019. Before that, she had worked at Maxis Berhad as the Head of Core Convergence and as the Vice President of Marketing Strategy in 2011.

Prior to that, she had started her career with TM in 1997 under the Corporate & Multinational Sales division. In 2005, she joined the TM Retail Business Strategy & Management office and later appointed as the General Manager for Business Strategy in 2007. In 2009, Shanti was appointed as the Executive Vice President for TM SME where she was responsible for the commercial management of TM’s SME segment.

Shanti holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronics from Vanderbilt University, USA and an MBA from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with Tampere University.

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