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MCMC claims its Twitter account got hacked, but we are not convinced

Shortly after taking down its official Twitter account, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has issued a statement claiming that its Twitter account was hacked by irresponsible parties. They have suspended the account temporarily.

The MCMC has advised the public not to be influenced by the suspicious, lewd and offensive messages that have been posted on the account. It denies issuing such messages.

“MCMC” was trending on Twitter this evening as netizens have dug up old tweets dated in 2014. As reported earlier, most of these tweets appear to be random personal rants by an individual with some containing offensive language.

Source: @SKMM_MCMC

Looking at the timestamps, the offending tweets are actually old. If it was indeed hacked, it looks like the perpetrators have the ability to turn back time. From what we know, it isn’t possible to backdate tweets but you are able to schedule future tweets.

Based on our search before the account was suspended, the MCMC had only started using the account for official matters since 2015. As shown below, it appears that the original owner was @Nazrulllhakim who is now using @NazruiHakim as his Twitter handle.

According to his tweet, he claimed to have sold his old Twitter account with 50,000 followers when he was in Form 3/4. He added that he had passed the account to another individual before it became the official MCMC account.

As reminded by the MCMC, all parties including social media users must be polite and courteous when expressing their views online. Posting misinformation and insulting content which touches on royalty, religion and race is an offence under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) 1998 which carries a penalty of up to RM50,000, 2 years in prison or both.

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