You can use Mario Kart Live to spice up your Lego Super Mario experience. Here’s how

It’s been a while since the release of the Lego Super Mario sets, and even though we have the Starter Course ourselves, we haven’t really re-played the course since we’ve assembled it. But YouTube channel Playfool posted a video showing that we’re actually able to make it fun again—this time with the addition of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit for the Nintendo Switch.

“Before we can combine the gameplay on Lego Super Mario and Mario Kart Live, we need to combine them physically first,” said Playfood.

Playfool adknowledges that you can’t just stick the Lego Mario onto the Mario Kart toy willy-nilly. The toy itself has to be upright in order for him to work. He’s got a code scanner under him so you could “earn points” by carrying Mario around and scanning bar codes and colours in the official sets.

To solve the problem, Playfool created SADDLE (Snug And Dapper holDer for LEgo mario)—which can be used to carry around Lego Mario behind the Mario Kart. You’re even able to download variations of the SADDLE to print them yourself.

The SADDLE lets Lego Mario ride along with the Mario Kart and stay upright. The SADDLE also lets Lego Mario scan potential codes and colours underneath him as he “travels”.

The second part is building a course that is Lego Mario-friendly. Playfool incorporated special Lego Super Mario barcode elements into their Mario Kart Live race track, including start and finish markers that activate the 60-second timer on the Lego Mario figure, power-ups, and even bad guys to drive over. You’re able to download these, too, right here!

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With the help of Playfool and their very helpful downloadable print-outs, you’re able to revamp your Lego Super Mario excitement. That is, of course, if you also have the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit as well.

Even though printing out the SADDLE and the codes don’t really require you forking out too much extra money, both the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and the Lego Super Mario Starter Course aren’t cheap. The Mario Starter Course costs RM224 on Lazada and RM199 on Shopee. The Mario Kart Live game which includes the physical Mario Kart costs RM599 on Lazada and RM399 on Shopee—sans the Nintendo Switch console.

Playing both the Mario Kart Live circuit as well as trying to earn points on the Lego Mario might also be a little too confusing—as they’re both completely separate games, technically. But this is just a great way to combine both “games” and make it a fresh new one, so you’re not just letting the toys collect dust.


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