BigPay now allows you to easily split utility bills with your housemates

BigPay has finally introduced a new bill payment feature which allows users to pay bills from over 20 billers ranging from telcos, energy providers and water utility companies. The feature is now available on the official BigPay app and they have added extra features to better manage your finances.

At the time of writing, the app currently supports 10 different water utility companies but for telcos, it only supports Celcom, Redone, U Mobile and Yes for now. For electricity, TNB isn’t available just yet as it only supports Nur Power Distribution, Sabah Electricity and Sarawak Energy.

In addition, the app also accepts payments for Astro and Courts Mammoth. The biller list is still quite limited and we hope BigPay would support more billers including TNB, Maxis, Time and Telekom Malaysia.

To pay a bill, just go to BigPay app’s Payment section and select Bills. Then select the biller and enter the required details along with the payment amount. To ensure that you won’t miss another bill, the app has a remind me feature which notifies you on a specific date of the month. You also get the option to save the billing info for future transactions. An OTP is also required to confirm the transaction.

Split bills with your housemates or family members

Similar to what’s currently offered for other BigPay transactions, you are also able to split bills easily from the app itself. This is useful when it comes to splitting electricity, water and broadband bills with other housemates.

In addition, you can also earn Big points with every RM20 spent on utility bills with the BigPay app. For more info, you can check out BigPay’s blog post.

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