The secret behind the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077’s sandstone back revealed

Smartphones have become almost depressingly generic these days, but sometimes, manufacturers partner up with players from outside mobile scene to create wacky themed devices. We’ve seen the McLaren x OnePlus partnership—and of course, we recently covered the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 (the sexiest OnePlus phone of 2020, according to yours truly).

And with anything nice, you can expect the tech community to tear it apart. What’s the use of a cool-looking gadget if you don’t know what lies under the hood, right? Thanks to PBKreviews on YouTube, you can now inspect (almost) every single component within the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077—all from the comfort of your home.

Have a look:

Part of the charm of the Cyberpunk 2077-themed phone is the “sandstone” look on the back. It’s a look that has been seen on OnePlus phones in the past, but on the Cyberpunk 2077 8T, it’s a finish that really gels with the overall aesthetic of the device. However, the teardown video reveals that the sandstone finish isn’t really a finish per se.

Instead, OnePlus has achieved the look by applying vinyl to the inside of the glass on the back of the phone. This means that if you peel off the layer on the inside of the phone, the actual back of the phone would probably be transparent.

This isn’t the only thing that OnePlus has added for aesthetic purposes. The huge camera bump on the rear is simply a big piece of glass that has been attached to the back of the phone—although this is probably something you might have guessed from previous images.

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Once you go beyond the funky designs, the rest of the phone is identical to the regular ol’ OnePlus 8T. There’s the two-cell battery, which allows for Warp Charge 60 to quickly juice up the 4,500mAh battery, and you’ll be able to spot a copper vapour chamber and thermal paste to help with cooling.

The video painstakingly examines individual components for your viewing pleasure, so if you’re having a quiet Friday evening, this might be the right type of entertainment for you. In any case, the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 is only officially available in China, but retailers such as Mobile2Go have imported units for sale in Malaysia. Find out more about that here.


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