Digi now offers Business Fibre plans from RM130/month, add unlimited postpaid for RM78

Digi is now offering fibre broadband plans for business. It claims to offer a comprehensive connectivity solution at the lowest market prices for SMEs. The Digi Business Fibre plans are priced from RM130/month with speed options of up to 800Mbps.

Digi Business Fibre plans

The base Digi Business Fibre 100Mbps plan costs RM130/month while the 300Mbps option is priced at RM188/month. If you need even faster speeds, the 500Mbps Business Fibre plan costs RM248/month while the highest 800Mbps plan is going for RM318/month.

All plans come with unlimited quota and the upload speed is similar to what you get from Unifi and Maxis. The 100Mbps and 300Mbps plans get 50Mbps upload while the 500Mbps option gets 100Mbps upload. The highest 800Mbps plan is configured with 200Mbps upload.

Overall, Digi’s Business Fibre offering is cheaper than TM and Maxis. As a comparison, both Unifi and Maxis offer 100Mbps at RM139/month, while the highest 800Mbps plan is offered for RM349/month.

Apart from the internet connection, Digi’s Business Fibre 300Mbps plans and above are bundled with one fixed VOIP landline that comes with Digi Cloud PABX. However, there’s no mention of a Mesh WiFi solution on Digi’s website that’s currently offered by Unifi and Maxis for plans at 300Mbps and above.

Add-on postpaid with unlimited data

In addition, you can also add a Go Digi postpaid line with unlimited data for RM78/month for the first line and RM48/month for the subsequent lines. Subscribers on the 100Mbps plan can sign up for up to 5x Go Digi lines, while the 300Mbps and 500Mbps options let you get up to 10x Go Digi lines. Larger businesses can add up to 15x Go Digi lines on the 800Mbps plan.

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For more info, visit Digi Fibre Business page. As usual, all plans come with 24-months contract.

If you’re looking for Digi’s home fibre broadband plans, it starts from RM90/month for the base 50Mbps option and they offer 1Gbps for RM290/month. Consumers can also add on an unlimited postpaid plan at RM60/month per line.

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