AirPods Pro having crackling sound issues? Apple is offering free replacements

Apple has acknowledged that some AirPods Pro may exhibit sound issues. To solve the problem, they have introduced a new service program where affected AirPods Pro earbuds can be replaced for free.

According to the service program, this affects a small number of AirPods Pro units that are manufactured before October 2020. Some of the known issues include crackling or static sounds that increase in loud environments or while exercising or talking on the phone. The issue also causes Active Noise Cancellation to not work properly as expected. It is said to cause loss of bass or increase background noise such as street or airplane noise.

If you’re experiencing these issues, Apple says that you can get them serviced for free at an Apple Authorised Service Provider. The service program is also applicable in Malaysia.

The service centre will examine the AirPods Pro to verify if they are eligible for the program. Once the issue is confirmed, they will replace either left, right or both earbuds for free. It added that the charging case is not affected and it won’t be replaced.

If you’re not having the issue right now, the service program will be valid for 2 years after the first retail sale of the device. The replacement will not extend the standard warranty of the in-ear headphones.

Apple authorised service provider malaysia

You can find your nearest authorised service centre by logging into Apple’s Support Page. Since we are in the middle of a pandemic, it is recommended to make an appointment at your preferred location. If you have any question, you may contact Apple Support for assistance.

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