Yoodo’s latest promo offers 20GB data for free

Yoodo’s 62GB data booster offer has come to an end and the digital telco has a new offer where you can get 20GB of data for free. This promotion is valid from 10th October until 31st December 2019.

To redeem this offer, all you’ll need to do is to customise your data plan with at least 10GB of data. A plan with 10GB of data costs RM35/month and you’ll get a total of 30GB that’s valid for one month. Effectively, you’re just paying RM1.17 per GB.

With this promo, you will receive 20GB of free data no matter how much data you select for your plan (10GB and above). Below are some examples:

10GB base + 20GB free = 30GB
15GB base + 20GB free = 35GB
20GB base + 20GB free = 40GB
30GB base + 20GB free = 50GB
40GB base + 20GB free = 60GB
50GB base + 20GB free = 70GB
75GB base + 20GB free = 95GB
100GB base + 20GB free = 120GB

Unlike the previous promo, this isn’t a booster plan and it requires a plan change. If you’re an existing Yoodo user, you can change your plan now and enjoy it upon your next billing cycle. According to Yoodo, if you’re already selected 10GB as your default monthly data plan, you will still need to change your plan to enjoy this 10GB + 20GB free data offer.

For more info, you can check out Yoodo’s I Love Free Data page.


Alexander Wong