OnePlus is launching its premium flagship Smart TV next month

OnePlus is about to introduce their first TV product very soon and it’s simply called the OnePlus TV. According to OnePlus, they want to set a standard for future smart TV products with a high-quality display and a design that’s worth viewing even when the TV is turned off.

According to OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau, the OnePlus TV is set to launch in September and it will be made available first in India. He added that OnePlus have achieved great success in India for the past 6 years due to its passionate and supportive community. He added that OnePlus has a positive relationship with content providers in India and this guarantees great content for its users.

Pete also shared that his company is working hard to launch the OnePlus TV in North America, Europe and China as soon as they can establish partnerships with most local and regional content players.

Without dropping any hardware details, the CEO shared a couple of things you can expect from the OnePlus TV. He emphasised that image and sound quality are fundamental features that they must get right and the TV’s design and smart interconnectivity will make the product even more exciting.

He also mentions that the TV will not only become the centre of the smart home but it’s also the centre of our daily smart social hub. He believed that OnePlus TV will be an important step towards OnePlus becoming involved in IoT and interconnectivity.


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